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About stay in foreign tourist type sightseeing promotion business accommodation grant [format downloading]


We plan increase of foreign tourist with accommodation by issuing grant for travel agency which carried out package tour to visit Himeji-shi from foreign country, and this business is intended that we contribute to promotion, development of tourist industry of Himeji-shi.

 [1] The amount of grant of grant

  (1) 2000 yen per night per one

  (2) 60,000 yen (30) per trip that the upper limit is targeted for 1 furtherance 

  ※The year grant limit for travel agency targeted for 1 furtherance is 300,000 yen

  ※Grant issues within the budget

  ※Combination with the furtherance system is possible other than Himeji suburbs and Hyogo outside the prefecture.

[2] About grant object of grant

We do trip to be targeted for grant of grant with trip to meet all condition to advocate to each next issue. 

  (1) Trip participant living by package tour (offer type plan trip, order type plan trip, arrangement trip) for the purpose of sightseeing sold out of Japan outside Japan stays at the accommodations of nonprofit foundation Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau member   ※We assume the same accommodations

  (2) Trip participants except tour conductor, guide, the driver or other trip sponsor people concerned and person that the hotel charges are free are five or more

  (3) Person who can receive grant of grant does with travel agency carrying out trip targeted for the furtherance.

 [3] About application

Person who is going to apply for grant of grant submits documents to raise to each next issue to bureau by mail or E-mail within 30 days before the trip to furtherance object start date and must receive examination. We accept and do start with June 1, 2018 and do trip targeted for the furtherance with after July 1.

  (1) Stay in foreign tourist type sightseeing promotion business accommodation subsidization application (the style first)

  (2) Road map (any style)

  (3) Company profile (any style)


Nonprofit foundation Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau

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