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The latest information of world heritage Himeji-jo Castle 2017 spring ... autumn!


World heritage Himeji-jo Castle finishes great castle tower preservation repair business in March, 2015, and many tourists came from home and abroad.

Repair work of "reno ichitoro" which we saw in the front from outermost outworks open space is over and is showing the pure white plaster wall now.

 Well, in Himeji-jo Castle, we perform various events and new approach this year. We place as possible information of new business to work on increase of hotel guest for promotion of sightseeing in stay type again autumn later mainly on summer information this time from spring and will tell the news-affiliated about information quickly.

In addition, we express events that can touch charm of 1,000 princesses in mark of Princess ✿ 1,000 ✿ because we reach 400 years after 1,000 princesses moved to Himeji-jo Castle this year with hontachukoku of husband. 

 Please pay attention to Himeji-jo Castle this year!

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