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In this "video library", we release sightseeing video material of Himeji-shi.
We provide free of charge if we can have the use application from application form to travel agency and sightseeing-related company.
In addition, besides please confirm contents on using as you consider that you agreed to all mention contents of the following "Terms of Use".

Terms of Use


Video which is released in this site becomes data of mp4 format. In addition, please note as nonprofit foundation Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau (the following, our bureau) cannot take responsibility for all about any phenomenon to be caused by having reading, the use of video.


About video of this site, copyright or other intellectual property rights are not transferred to user, too, and our bureau owns all these. When it is publicized Himeji-shi, we will provide free of charge.

Consent of our bureau is not necessary, but, about the use, in the case of other than use of commerce, does not abandon right.

About offer (application) of video data

Registration of "company name, branch, department, the person in charge, contact information" (TEL/Mail) is necessary for offer of video data. Person hoped for, please perform the use application than the use application form.
The bureau person in charge informs of application content after the confirmation later.


  • Using video released in this site, it produces things which saleability depends on video itself for and cannot sell.
    It is similar and forbids about selling in form so that, as a result, other than user uses video the second even if processed partly.
  • We copy using video released in this site for lease purpose, video released again and forbid sale or thing transferring to third party.
  • We prohibit act and causes injustice, misunderstanding by using video which is released in this site or to damage honor or act to be against public order and morals.
  • When it is violated either in this article, also, our bureau shall be able to prohibit the use when use that is different from making purpose of this site is done.


When dispute occurred about these Terms of Use, we assume court of Japan having jurisdiction over the office location of our bureau exclusive court.

List of video materials is this

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