Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

We are regarding that we follow privacy of all of use as very important thing for nonprofit foundation Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau (called our bureau as follows). We clarify policy in this page to help understanding of the use whether our bureau acquires personal information of the use how on our website to run of our bureau and use, and they protect.

About all of use personal information to have by oneself

Our bureau may have you provide personal information such as the name, address, phone number, email address of the use than the use in some pages such as inquiries to offer good service by all of use.

About the use purpose of personal information

About the use purpose of personal information of all of use, we list in each page having the use register the personal information concerned on our website each.
Our bureau may not use personal information that had all of use register in each page other than the purpose that they listed in the page concerned.

About offer to third party and the second use

We may notify third party of personal information of the use depending on kind of service requested of all of use on our website as far as it is necessary and, each use application of the in this case service concerned, guide about reporting to third party and will have the consent of the use.
(e.g., notifying shipment, mover of address, full name for document shipment)
As for the others in case of the above, our bureau does not disclose personal information of the use to third party unless we have consent of all of use beforehand. But we may disclose information when we follow other laws and ordinances when we need emergency to protect human life and human rights or when we cooperate with request based on laws and ordinances by public institutions such as machinery of law, the police without declining to the use.

About management of personal information

We lose personal information of the use that had you provide our bureau from all of use in the use of our website and, not to make any what we damage, carry out severe data management. In addition, personal information of all of use keeps only our website administrator of our bureau under the accessible environment and carries out severe security measures not to make any what is modified to third party by leak or the outside. When our bureau entrusts outside the company with duties to suffer from the use, management of personal information of duties that administration of our website requires or the use, they manage supervision in privacy policy rigid impartiality by trust ahead concerned.

About responsibility of all of use

Our website may set link to other websites, but please confirm privacy policy in linked site by yourself in the linked site concerned.
The use of our website shall be carried out in the responsibility of all of use. About every damage that occurred by the use of various information acquired using personal information of all of use from our website and other websites where link is set in our website, our bureau does not take responsibility for all.
Our bureau performs review about the above-mentioned policy appropriately and may revise. We will tell about all revision in this page.

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