We offered brochure which was convenient for sightseeing and town walk of view Himeji.
You can see each brochure with PDF file. When you print out, please appoint A4 size.

Himeji tour guide book (88 pages)

It is general guidebook which we introduced sightseeing spot, experience, gourmet of Himeji-shi, souvenir, accommodation, traffic, model course in.

[publication contents]

Event information, tourist facility, experience every area in Himeji-shi, model course, souvenir, accommodation, traffic guidance, map

Himeji tourist guide & map

It is general guidebook which condensed charm of sightseeing of Himeji.

[publication contents]

・Around Himeji Station, Himeji-jo Castle map
・Wide area map in Himeji-shi
・It is introduced city sightseeing facility including Himeji-jo Castle


himeji location map

We introduce location invited by Film Commission business and suggest visiting locations toward the tourist
It is brochure.

[publication contents]

・Cineastes whom Harima gave birth to
・Himeji-jo Castle "inner palace"
・Koko-en "great Echizen Oka" "Mito Komon" "rowdy general"
・Gobo, Kameyama book virtue temple "Shinsengumi!"
・Shosha mountain "last samurai"
・Himeji-jo Castle, Koko-en…Guide map in facility


Brochure "himepedia" for education trip

It is brochure which we made for education trips.

We introduce history and sightseeing spot of Himeji in viewpoint "learning".



[publication contents]

・We overinterpret history of Himeji! The highlight of Himeji-jo Castle
・We overinterpret learning of Himeji! Facility which can learn history and culture
・We overinterpret flower opened craftsman work in castle town!
・We overinterpret himejino ingredients! We will taste exhaustively  …nado

Scenery tour map which rotates by princess bicycle

[publication contents]

"Scenery inheritance" and "view spot" around Himeji-jo Castle utilizing community cycle "princess bicycle" are maps to introduce four routes around "tourist facility" to.

The "inner circle (around inner moat) course" time required: About 20 minutes, moving distance: About 2.5 kilometers
The "outside (around medium moat) course" time required: About 30 minutes, moving distance: About 4.3 kilometers
The "west area of a castle course" time required: About 20 minutes, moving distance: About 2.7 kilometers
The "Joto course" time required: About 40 minutes, moving distance: About 5.4 kilometers

Around Himeji-jo Castle running 3 course

It is brochure which we introduced running course around Himeji-jo Castle to.

Moat and stone wall, green are recommended to running that there is, too.

In addition, running while we look at Himeji-jo Castle to look at from north, south, east and west, unique building of well-known architect design is Himeji naradehadesu.


"Visiting grounds related to Kanbe Kuroda" (6 course)

It is map visiting footprint of Kanbe who is schemer of Hideyoshi who left the name for history.

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[publication contents]

◆Hiromine ◆Wife deer ◆Gochaku ◆Shosha ◆British; congratulate ◆Aoyama


Around Himeji-jo Castle town walk map "yottekudanhimeji"

A lot of charm to remind me of taste at the time stays in area that was castle town of Himeji-jo Castle.
We wait for favorite map to one hand from 16 kinds, and let's make walk!
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[publication contents]

[wait course of walk]
◆Moat and visiting temples of a prince priest out of Himeji-jo Castle    ◆In quest of footprint of "patriot of loyalism"   ◆We make a tour of Himeji machinaka buildings
◆Over matchmaking benefit      ◆Hot people that machinakade plays an active part    ◆Castle town retro shop sight-seeing
◆Visiting way and moats of castle town     ◆Himeji five woman love story         ◆The Himeji-jo Castle outer moat circulation, east edition
◆Symbol road with sculpture   ◆Charm of Otemae Street           ◆Himeji-jo Castle "moat in the eastern part" neighborhood
◆We walk while seeing back figure of castle ◆After Himeji-jo Castle, it is purari country village trip    ◆Around home territory, Sannomaru of castle
◆Can meet history; wait; the Semba west area of a castle
We propose by mail

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