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[rent-a-bicycle] Princess bicycle


It is rent-a-bicycle that rental, return is possible anywhere if "princess bicycle" is cycle station (rental, return base).
It is available in discount once if we change between cycle stations within 60 minutes.

Please confirm the details by princess bicycle homepage, attached "use of princess bicycle guidance" of the lower this page. 


[cycle station]
Tourist seems to be easy to use rental, return point "cycle station" of bicycle and is installed around around Himeji Station, Himeji-jo Castle.
About place of cycle station, please see princess bicycle homepage.

- 1st: Base rate 100 yen
- One month: 1,500 yen
If there is in the use time, it is 0 yen for first 60 minutes no matter how much we use. When it is over 60 minutes, 100 yen is added every 30 minutes.


[the use time]
7:00-20:00, return are possible for 24 hours.


[targeted for the use]
More than junior high student


Please confirm on princess bicycle homepage.

Name The princess bicycle administration secretariat
TEL 050-3786-5055
Address 〒670-0947 448-8, Hojo, Himeji-shi, Hyogo Himepura Building 3F
Formal HP
Remarks ※Business hours of the princess bicycle administration secretariat (TEL: 050-3786-5055) become 9:00-18:00.

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