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[loop bus] Tegara mountain loop bus


Tegara mountain loop bus is bus of service on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays to tie up Himeji Station in tourist facility around the Tegara mountain.

It is convenient for outing to Tegara mountain area where Himeji citizen pool, Tegarayama Chuo-koen Park, Budokan, botanical gardens gather.

Please confirm the details from information for Tegara mountain loop bus.


[service route]
Himeji Station (the south exit) south ③ platform → Deferred end → In front of Himeji-shi Cultural Center → It is in front of Himeji citizen pool → The medium ground → In front of center gymnasium, Himeji Stadium → Tegarayama Chuo-koen Park → In front of Budokan, botanical garden → Tegarayama Chuo-koen Park Exit → Himeji Shiyakusho-mae → Yasuda → Higashinobusue


[service day]
It usually travels only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. (in the case of suspension, there are New Year holidays)


Fares (it becomes the same fare.) from Himeji Station to fare/Himeji Station

- Adult one way 170 yen section: It is Tegarayama Chuo-koen Park Exit, Himeji Shiyakusho-mae Budokan, botanical garden ago Himeji-shi Cultural Center ago
- Adult one way 210 yen section: It is Tegarayama Chuo-koen Park before Himeji citizen pool the medium ground, central gymnasium, Himeji baseball stadium ago


※Route bus runs as well as Tegara mountain loop bus in the stop mentioned above.
※Please see SHINKI BUS NAVI at the detailed time.
※IC card ticket (NicoPa, PiTaPa, ICOCA) is available.
※It is NicoPa prepaid ticket within 60 minutes, and transit becomes discounted by 80 yen when we use.
  (in the case of 100 yen section, either use becomes discounted by 20 yen.)

TEL 079-285-2990
Address 〒-
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