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Let's learn Himeji-jo Castle by AR application "Himeji-jo Castle University discovery" happily more deeply!


AR application "Himeji-jo Castle University discovery" to be able to learn Himeji-jo Castle happily more deeply.


When we download application with smartphone and start application at 16 spots in Himeji-jo Castle (including pay area), we can see various contents about Himeji-jo Castle.


■"Do and hide circle", and Himeji-shi character guides niyoru mini

■Introduction of anecdote with animation

■Reproduction videos of the former building


You learn how to use various devices in Himeji-jo Castle with video and take shiromaruhimeto two-shot, and do you not enjoy sightseeing of Himeji-jo Castle more?



You can confirm downloading method of AR application, map of AR spot than Himeji-jo Castle official site "Himeji-jo Castle manual".


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