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[advantageous set ticket] Shosha mountain ropeway set ticket


Shosha ropeway set ticket is advantageous set ticket of bus round-trip ticket to Shosha mountain and round-trip ticket of Shosha mountain ropeway.

 The details, please identify attached flyer of the lower this page.


・Bus ticket (roundtrip): Himeji Station ⇔ Shosha mountain ropeway
・Shosha mountain ropeway ticket (roundtrip): Sanroku Station (Shosha station) ⇔ Sanjo Station


[set ticket price]
Adult: 1,420 yen
Child person: 710 yen


[the release place]
The SHINKI BUS Himeji station square information desk (QWELL Himeji the first floor)

Name Shosha mountain ropeway
TEL 079-266-2006
Address 〒-
Formal HP

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