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(public corporation) About Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau staff employment examination (generalist)


It recruits human resources who can contribute to sightseeing, convention promotion of Himeji-shi!

We wrestle in promotion of tourist industry in Himeji-shi and invitation of convention, invitation of held support and location shooting such as domestic and foreign movies, TV positively, and nonprofit foundation Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau plans activation of regional economy, improvement of people's culture and performs business for the purpose of contributing to construction of International Tourist city, Himeji.

Offer essential point, admission ticket to an examination, please download the following PDF.


[1] Tourist invitation from home and abroad and acceptance support (hospitality)

We perform sightseeing promotion for "B to B" (travel agencies) and "B to C" (general tourist) in each places of the whole country to invite tourist from home and abroad to Himeji-shi.

Particularly, in late years we work on promotion (we work on invitation in Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, U.K., France Spain) to perform attracting tourist of visit to Japan foreign tourist who continues increasing to Himeji positively.

 In addition, as hospitality to tourist, we perform guidebook duties at Himeji-shi tourist information center.

We work on information dispatch that utilized making and HP and SNS such as tour guide book poster novelties in total.

 [2] Business about invitation of convention (MICE) and held support

We work on invitation to gownsman, group, company to invite convention (society, company meeting, international conference, athletic meet, camp) in Himeji-shi.

We perform promotion, administration for holding and associated adjustment with groups, suggestion of convention plan so that which what "we hold in Himeji-shi was good" can feel, "we want to come to Himeji again" to convention participants in our bureau.

[3] Movie, invitation of location taking picture of TV, business about support

In Himeji Film Commission in our bureau, we work on invitation, support of picture work (movie, drama, CM, TV) in Himeji-shi. We provide various services such as various consultation about location, support such as permission to use offer, road or facility application of location right lot information, offer of extra.

 [4] General affairs duties

Duties to modify the board of directors, general meeting administration, corporation administration including budget, financial statements-related duties, accounting duties and personnel management


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