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About exhibition of whole Himeji-jo Castle pay area

* About whole Himeji-jo Castle pay area exhibition about exhibition
For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, we will reopen about Himeji-jo Castle University castle tower, general release of whole Himeji-jo Castle pay area including western citadel of the castle 100 ken corridor that we canceled from Saturday, March 7 as follows. As surrender time is usually different from time, after checking the following, we would appreciate your next castle.
Monday, June 15, 2020 ...
<public area>
Large castle tower, whole Himeji-jo Castle pay area including western citadel of the castle 100 ken corridor
<surrender time>
From 8:30 a.m. 5:00 p.m. (entry into a fortress last at 4:00 p.m.)
※For congestion reducing, we move up surrender time for 30 minutes and perform early opening.
※We will not carry out business (shut castle time extension) in daylight saving time of usual.
<general inspection charges>
Adult 1,000 yen, 300 yen for children
※We may change the contents mentioned above. Please give me the next castle after checking the surrender situation in HP.
* We ask all of the next castles
・Please wear mask. Except non-school children, person who is not principle, mask wearing declines entry into a fortress. But let's take off mask for heat stroke measures appropriately when we can secure enough distance (at least 2m or more) with people.
※When social distance is secured, the staff takes off mask for heat stroke measures, too.
・For heat stroke measures, please bring drink with water bottle, cover including plastic bottle drink by all means.
・About customer with symptoms of a cold including fever and a cough, customer who is poor in physical condition, please refrain from entry into a fortress.
・In the case of entry into a fortress, please use finger disinfector of wicket setting.
・Take social distance (sociological distance) around 2m as far as the staff and other customers are possibilities.
・It may regulate entry into a fortress to avoid congestion in building.

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