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About new coronavirus infectious disease measures support for companies


[as of summary (June 4, 2020 of main support system of new coronavirus infectious disease connection)]


As information is updated every day, please confirm the latest information to each telephone reference. Look at country, the prefecture, city homepage "Himeji-shi new model coronavirus infectious disease special page".



 [product for companies, payment]

Closure requests cooperation company support gold (rent assistance)

We pay money of cooperation support of 100,000 yen among person from medium and small-sized business, sole proprietors having main office for company bearing rental of store, office in Himeji-shi depending on closure requests of Hyogo. (Himeji-shi original measure)

Himeji Chamber of Commerce and Industry       ☎079-223-7711

Himeji-shi government office industrial development section ☎079-221-2622


 Closure request company cooperation support [the second]

 Support [the second] to company which cooperated with closure requests (as well as hire expansion, 200,000 yen)

 Himeji Chamber of Commerce and Industry       ☎079-223-7711

Himeji-shi government office industrial development section ☎079-221-2622


 Closure request company management continuation support gold

We pay 300,000 yen grant to sole proprietors such as restaurants which accepted 1 million yen, contracted business to sole proprietor depending on closure requests of Hyogo in 500,000 yen, small and medium size corporation in 150,000 yen, small and medium size corporation.

Business support gold consultation dial (Hyogo) ☎078-361-2281


 Last; benefit

Among company which sales decreased from a year earlier more than 50% in personal company including company, freelance, various corporations, we pay 1 million yen to the upper limit to corporation 2 million yen, sole proprietor. ※5/21 - Himeji-shi Chamber of Commerce and Industry acceptance start (reservation required)

 Last; benefit business call center ☎0120-115-570

Application support venue reservation reception desk     ☎0570-077-866


 [product for companies, the furtherance]

Infection spread hedge support

Prevention of infection spread support (bus 20,000 yen/, taxi 10,000 yen/, regular line 50,000 yen/) of local public transport

Himeji-shi traffic plan room (weekdays 8:35-17:20) ☎079-221-2493


 Labor adjustment grant

We support expense required for compensation for business owner to plan maintenance of the employment. (for 8,330 yen per one a day the upper limit)

 HelloWork Himeji job offer section ☎079-222-4511


 Return, exemptions such as the administrative property fee for use out of the purpose

Return such as the administrative property fee for use at the time of public facilities closing of Himeji-shi out of the purpose and exemption.

 Himeji-shi administration of property section (weekdays 8:35-17:20) ☎079-221-2226


 [fund raising, financing] 


 New coronavirus infectious disease correspondence fund

Limit: 30 million yen, the loan rate of interest: 0% of original three years, credit guarantee charges: 0 or half price (when ※, the loan rate of interest, guarantee rate occur, there is)

※We need authorization of safety net guarantee (about authorization of safety net to Himeji-shi industrial development section 079-221-2505)

 Handling financial institution or Hyogo area finance room ☎078-362-3321

New coronavirus infectious disease special loan

It is financing of becoming substantial no interest that used interest supply system together in particular.

 System financing government finance company Himeji, Japan Branch people's life business ☎079-225-0571


 The furtherance of credit guarantee charges

In Hyogo medium and small-sized business financing systems including new coronavirus infectious disease correspondence fund, we support 1/2 equivalency sum (upper limit 650,000 yen) of credit guarantee charges that paid about credit guarantee charges to modify some loan.

 Himeji-shi government office industrial development section (weekdays 8:35-17:20) ☎079-221-2505



Restaurant support by eating and drinking ticket issuance with premium

Let's support restaurant of Himeji; project (eating and drinking ticket with 40% of premiums)!

 Let's support restaurant of Himeji! The executive committee secretariat (weekdays 9:00-17:00)



Exemption of water rate base rate

<reduction of taxes period: Six months>※Procedure is not necessary

In the case of even month inspection of a meter: For August, 2020, October, December inspection of a meter (from June use to November use)

In the case of odd month inspection of a meter: For September, 2020, November, January, 2021 inspection of a meter (from July use to December use)

 Water rate center ☎079-221-2711


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