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Six places of stations increase for cycle of bicycle "princess bicycle" of all, and area increases


Bicycle "princess bicycle" of everybody who started full-scale operation in July, 2016 in ten places of stations for cycle increases six places of stations for cycle from February 1, 2017, and it expands to 16 places. Area increases and becomes more and more convenient.

In addition, Himeji Station east station moves to the south side of TERASSO Himeji. 

 ◆About expansion of cycle station

  Additional stations are as follows.

 ・Station in front of Himeji-jo Castle
 ・Literature building station
・Chamber of commerce station
・AEONTOWN Co., Ltd. Himeji station
・Prefecture synthesis Government building station
・Higashinobusue station

※There are no changes such as use time or charge.

 ◆About movement of Himeji Station east station

We match with expansion of the station mentioned above and move Himeji Station east station (existing).

It is before movement: The north side of Himeji Station east exit bicycle parking lot

After the movement: The south side of TERASSO Himeji


  Himeji-shi traffic plan room


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