Model course

Model Course

Himeji-jo Castle which charms north, south, east and west

JR Himeji Station (than castle view)

Himeji-jo Castle to go down Himeji Station, and, at first, to see.

Photospot where Himeji-jo Castle from here seems to have entered frame.

E Gres himeji (from the roof)

Vast panorama of Himeji-jo Castle spreads when we go on the roof (free).


Around Shiromidai Park

We will take in castle to see from between full-scale killer whale tile of large castle tower. It seems that decorum adds to castle tower to look at from southeast conspicuously.

Himeji City Museum of Art

In brick building which the old army used as armory, it is retro natatazumaiha Himeji-jo Castle and outstanding combination.
Art museum lighted up with night gaslight is recommended!

Hyogo Prefectual Museum of History

Prefectural Museum of History is design of Kenzo Tange who is famous as "world Tange". When look at glass window of wall surface, anything and castle!

shirotopia Memorial Park

We can view toro of mouth connecting the east small castle tower and Inui small castle tower in career. Shooting of morning or the evening recommends in the daytime as it becomes backlight.
In addition, rest station "outlook on Ougi bower" in shirotopia park with toilet is thing by design of Noriaki Kurokawa.

The steep mountain outskirts (Himeji literature building, Miyamae Bridge)

Himeji-jo Castle to climb stairs of 198 steps of steep mountain, and to look at is superb view. In addition, Himeji literature building is designed as space, literature to go around castle and talking space by architect, Tadao Ando.

View fortune temple park

Castle tower group seeing western citadel of the castle to foreground set. It is the classic points.
When it is one of 14 hills "ship hill" of Harima country topographical record, view fortune Terayama is estimated with Mt. princess, steep mountain.

Senior retainer mansion trace park (cherry blossoms gate sinew)

Head-on Himeji-jo Castle judging from main street (cherry blossoms gate sinew) of the Edo era is particular!

Souvenir shop affects the outskirts and can purchase the Himeji famous confection, local sake, ground ground products.

Himeji-jo Castle outermost outworks gentler slope

Himeji-jo Castle from gentler slope in tokakukuchinankuchi is superb view, too.

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