Model course

Model Course

Sightseeing in Himeji mankitsu course (half day - 1st)

The JR, Sanyo train, SHINKI BUS "Himeji Station" outskirts

JR Himeji Station castle view

Start from castle view!

Photospot where Himeji-jo Castle from here seems to have entered frame.

It is ... to Himeji-jo Castle

It is about 20 minutes on foot in spite of being street at mall that is vigor while feeling beautiful cityscape!

Sightseeing loop bus (once 100 yen) and sightseeing rent-a-bicycle are available, too!

World heritage national treasure Himeji-jo Castle <time required from 1.5 hours to 2 hours>

Himeji-jo Castle where beautiful figure revived with pure white after preservation repair of Heisei for five and a half years.
Figure at the time remained in now without being hit by the war since construction of a castle once for 400 years and was registered with world's cultural heritage for the first time in Japan in 1993.
Many buildings leave figure with construction of a castle those days on with pure white that is reason called Shirasagi Castle including the beautiful large castle tower group.
Please enjoy history including many gates and oars, stone walls and gardens and Himeji-jo Castle full of romance.

Himeji-jo Castle mansion trace garden Koko-en <time required one hour>

There is in place where suburban residence of a daimyo trace of former Himeji feudal lord was and is Japanese garden consisting of nine different gardens group with big things and small things flavor.
Because it becomes time sense that skidded for making use of the surrounding landscape in the design of a garden in the Edo era, Himeji-jo Castle is employed as location of historical drama and movie.
Tea-ceremony room experience of tea-ceremony room "twin tree hermitage" is popular, too.

Shoshazan Engyoji Temple <time required three hours>

We can overlook the city from ropeway, and scenery of the sky is superb view in mountain!
Engyoji Temple which is western regions 27th label place is also called west Mt. Hiei-zan by Shoku holy priest in temple of open Tendai sect for 966 years. Having history of 1,000 years, important cultural properties scatter in quiet valley.
In quiet, beautiful space where green grows thick, "copying of a sutra, Zen meditation experience, daily ascetic practices" experience is popular, too.
Hollywood movie "last samurai" of the Tom Cruise lead or Taiga Drama Series "schemer Kanbe" are famous as location of many movies and dramas.

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