★NEW ★[Himeji to take a trip to for heart] make attractive video of Engyoji Temple to feel to be Gokan!


"Himeji to take a trip to for heart" Presented by Himeji FC

Now that new lifestyle started,
We made channel which introduced attractive Himeji that wanted you to know.
We collected data on charm of Engyoji Temple to feel with Gokan this time.

Please see from following, YouTube.

★Video theme
[impermanence of all things experience (in Shoshazan Engyoji Temple) to feel to be Gokan]

The same thing changes.
The world is always managed with "stillness" and "motion".
We change someday, and thing of all is broken and disappears.
That "the impermanence of all things."
Life comes and goes. (the life continues changing)
Now when it is sought that we continue changing in new lifestyle,
Raindrop which gets moss wet to carpet of shii moss in deep-blue.
Sounds of seasonal change that we hear if we listen carefully,
He/she lets you forget everyday crowd.
We introduce own heart and healing space that can face each other, old historic temple, Shoshazan Engyoji Temple this time.
Engyoji Temple of the rainy season period to create fantastic scenery, please come.

[Shoshazan Engyoji Temple]
Engyoji Temple is on the mountain for approximately about 20 minutes by car and bus from Himeji Station,
It was said to be west Mt. Hiei-zan, and was opened for 966 years by Shoku holy priest
It is dojo studio of Tendai sect.
13 important cultural properties country-designated in the 27th bill place of western regions 33 hallowed ground, country-designated Buddha statue nine, prefecture-designated important cultural property eight. It is famous in autumn as famous spot of colored leaves.
In addition, hollywood movie and Taiga Drama Series again until modern drama,
It is quite popular location regardless of home and abroad.
Movie "last samurai" and movie "Sekigahara,"
We appear to Taiga Drama Series "schemer Kanbe"!

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[Himeji channel concept to go on a trip for heart]
= that "go on a trip for heart" under the theme of "imagination produces me who am new"
Simply because it is now to feel physical distance to be far,
We have you see approach of new Himeji and scenery of seasonal beautiful Himeji,
We want you to feel Himeji close.
"Himeji to take a trip to for heart" that began with such thought video.
We are going to increase channels sending attractive new Himeji in future.
You see by all means and would appreciate your feeling having gone on a trip.

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