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Privacy policy

Nonprofit foundation Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau Himeji Film Commission (we say our bureau as follows.) establishes the following privacy policy as approach about basic policy about personal information protection and personal information protection and will announce.

1.About the acquisition of personal information

Our bureau makes purpose of desk work to deal with personal information clear and, as a general rule, by legitimate and fair means, acquires personal information after we notify of the use purpose beforehand or having announced.

2.About the use of personal information

Our bureau uses personal information in necessary limit in accomplishment of within the use purpose that they showed at verges such as the acquisition and duties.
When we consign the handling of personal information to third party, we make a contract to keep absolutely quiet about secret to the third party concerned and make who is responsible clear and perform necessary and appropriate supervision for safety management of personal information.

3.About third party offer of personal information

Our bureau does not offer personal information to third party unless, as a general rule, they set below.
・ When there is agreement of the person
・ When Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and ordinances have fate

4.About management of personal information

Our bureau keeps accuracy of personal information and manages based on laws and ordinances safely.
We try for prevention of being washed away to the outside of personal information and carry out safety measures that are appropriate for danger such as unauthorized access from the outside or loss, destruction, manipulation and act for protection of personal information.

5.About disclosure, correction, suspension, removal of personal information

Customer discloses our bureau about your personal information and will cope immediately when correction, suspension, removal are offered.
(when we disclose, we charge amount of money to set separately.)

6.About public announcement of matter about possession personal information

When our bureau announces matter which the use purpose of possession personal information (it is personal information that staff of our bureau makes in duties or acquired and says thing which the staff concerned uses systematically.), the change or other laws and ordinances and our bureau set, they perform on this homepage.

7.About organization, the system

Our bureau appoints managing director director personal information protection manager and carries out safety management of possession personal information.
We install manager for personal information work in each business charge department and responsibility has possession personal information and handles.
For all the staff, we carry out the training about protection of personal information and carry out the appropriate handling of personal information in normal business routine thoroughly.

8.Conduct, improvement of personal information protection

We publicize this to member of post and the person concerned to carry out the policy mentioned above thoroughly and carry out, and our bureau will improve every day as needed.

9.Opinion, inquiry

Opinion about this page, inquiry are (public corporation) Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau Himeji Film Commission calls: Please approach to 079-287-3653.

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