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Summary of Himeji

Charm of Himeji-shi including Himeji-jo Castle

  • Climate is warm, and a lot of days of fine weather are suitable for shooting.
  • Town, Himeji overflowing in culture and history and romance can cope with various location setting.
  • There is scenery that can meet nature of the Seto Inland Sea, various demands including quiet rural scenery.
  • We expand location library and disseminate information to the whole country.
  • Location right lot is Toyotomi in Ako-shi of Chushingura, town Tatsuno-shi of red dragonfly, neighborhood including Hirafuku, Sayo-cho of post town of the Edo era.
    We take connection with each municipality and cope with location.
  • There are a lot of accommodations where location unit is accepted.
  • Citizen is cooperative with location shooting.
  • The exclusive duty staff of Himeji-shi researches and it is smooth and, from location hunting to shooting, helps with location.

Sightseeing information

Sightseeing in Himeji-shi map and the highlight

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