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Information for Himeji FC

Our town, Himeji-shi developed for a long time as strategic point of traffic of West Japan located at the central part of Southwest Hyogo, Harima plains. Including world's cultural heritage, national treasure Himeji-jo Castle, Shinto shrine Buddhist temples where we wait, and there are regular and personality conveying feature of castle town are treasure houses of history to remain in now. In addition, we are blessed with rich nature such as calm mountain range and rural scenery, the calm Seto Inland Sea. Location of "the last samurai" of the Tom Cruise lead was also performed many masterpieces such as "mastermind" of great master Director Akira Kurosawa "revolt" including "007 dies twice" of the Sean Connery lead recently until now. Nature of the locality to do not spare cooperation for development of the staff and video culture that knew location circumstances well. We put up town and welcome Himeji location.

Flow to location

Film Commission (FC) is nonprofit group to support so that locations such as movie, TV advance smoothly.

In Himeji-shi, we put up town and, as organization to support location, establish "Himeji Film Commission" and support various shooting locations.

It is targeted for support

Location taking picture of foreign movie, domestic movie, CM, TV show

The secretariat contact information

68, Honmachi, Himeji-shi, Hyogo
(public corporation) Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau Himeji Film Commission charge
TEL/079-287-3653 FAX/079-222-2410
E-mail/[email protected]

We work on support

  • All duties necessary for location hunting, production including research.
  • Permission to use facility and roads such as Himeji-jo Castle, Koko-en, Himeji Central Park, Shosha-zan Engyo-ji Temple.
  • Introduction of the accommodations.
  • Securing of extra.

To regular member of AFCI (association of figure of international film commissioner)!

Himeji Film Commission became regular member of AFCI (association of international film commissioners) on February 18, 2003.

With AFCI (association of international film commissioners)

Movie, TV are international organizations of Film Commission (FC) planning cooperation of picture work invitation activity and promotion of video industry.
They are established in 1975, and Film Commission of 300 of the world in 25 countries joins, and the secretariat is in Montana Helena City of the United States now.
Himeji Film Commission became the sixth regular member following Osaka, Kobe in Japan.

Purpose of AFCI participation

By joining AFCI, utilize network and events such as homepages of AFCI and can send charm of Himeji to the world more widely and can plan location invitation of new picture work.

We establish AFCNet (Asia Film Commission network)!

On October 10, 2004 AFCNet (Asia Film Commission network)
We were established in Pusan, Korea by 18 Film Commission of the Asia region.

With AFCNet (Asia Film Commission network)

We activate production of movie, picture of each area through construction of network for mutual interchange and cooperation between Film Commission around Asia and shooting support organizations and are intended to contribute to world video culture development through this.

Purpose of AFCNet establishment

In each Asian country, it increases including collaboration movie recently to film movie, TV drama in other countries. However, there is case that smooth shooting is not performed in difference in culture and shooting method between each country. Therefore Film Commission of each country supporting shooting solves various problems by sharing information and is going to make the most suitable location environment.

New video

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