How to use HP

How to use HP - navigation

What's Himeji FC

You can see introduction and weather information, access of Himeji FC, annual event.

Location map

You can see location map of movie and drama photographed in Himeji-shi.

Support work

You can see the support results of location work.

How to use HP - sidebar

Location search

We can search various locations of Himeji-shi from category, photograph, video.
In addition, it is with map and can print on one piece for each location that we liked.

Print image

To picture producers

You input the requirements into format of location reception desk, and please transmit.
It is production-related and, about associated supplier, can see information such as meal, catering, accommodation, traffic, the guard, the police, firefighting.

To Himeji citizens

Extra and the volunteer staff, registration to location cooperation facility are possible from this.

E-mail magazine

You can see e-mail magazine of Himeji Film Commission delivering once a month. Look at past e-mail magazine from this. In addition, as for registration, the cancellation of e-mail magazine from this.

New video

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