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Annual event

January 09-10 Emi liquor festival (12 place Shrine)
January 14-16 The first Ebisu festival (Harima country Soja)
January 18 The ceremony of driving out the devils (Shosha-zan Engyo-ji Temple) of Shosha
January 3 or 4th boze dragon boat race Festa (Bo group sports center)
February 03 Setsubun festival (Harima country Soja, hiromehoshinsha, Himeji Shrine, Shosha-zan Engyo-ji Temple)
February 11 The ceremony of driving out the devils (zoisammamaganji) of mamaganji
April 03-04 Oblatory tea festival (Longmen temple)
April 03 Rice-planting festival festival (hiromehoshinsha)
April 23 1,000 princess buttons Festival (Himeji-jo Castle 1,000 princess peony garden)
The beginning of April Himeji-jo Castle cherryblossom-viewing society, cherry blossom viewing drum (Himeji-jo Castle outermost outworks open space)
May 03-05 The Shosha mountain fresh green Festival (Shosha mountain Engyoji Temple)
May 20-22 Himeji castle Festival (around Himeji-jo Castle)
May 20 Himeji-jo Castle bonfire noh (Himeji-jo Castle outermost outworks open space)
June 22-24 Yukata Festival (around long wall Shrine)
June 30 Jump through a hoop festival (Harima country Soja)
July 10 and 11 Summer festival (Harima country Soja) of Soja
From 20 to 21 on July Iejima-Tenjin Shrine Festival (Iejima Shrine)
The end of July All Himeji and festival (Himeji port)
August 9 We enshrine seijuro summer (country village mall)
Day of the September harvest moon Himeji-jo Castle moon-viewing party (Himeji-jo Castle outermost outworks open space)
October 08-09 Daiba kneading on fire (Emi liquor shrine Temma Shrine) of stand of Shikama
October 08-09 We place Daiba of stand of Shikama (Hamanomiya Tenman-gu Shrine)
October 14-15 Lion dance (Oshio Tenman-gu Shrine) of Oshio
October 14-15 Wild festival (Yahata, Matsubara Shrine) of rough sea
October 21-22 Lantern Festival of shrine of Tsu (gyo*hachibanshinsha)
November 13-16 Bright moon on a frosty night festival (Harima country Soja)
From 15 to 17 on November Shosha mountain maple Festival (Shoshazan Engyoji Temple)
The beginning of November Earthenware cities (Otemae Park) of the whole country

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