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Recruitment of location cooperation facilities

Movie, TV about recruitment of location cooperation facilities (company)

We gather facilities which provide, and can cooperate with shooting in the city to expand future location invitation activity more and release data of facility which can cooperate to picture producer as location library on the Web.

It may not be sightseeing spots such as Himeji-jo Castle or Japanese yen religion temple that are for location. For example, if the scene of everyday life is demanded at location of drama, mall and cafe, small factory in town, every thing including hospital of location it is thought that apply.

Therefore we raise facilities (company) which can cooperate with location from the public widely to be able to meet setting of various locations.

Offer purpose

We raise facilities (company) which can cooperate with location widely and expand location invitation activity of Himeji Film Commission.

It is targeted for offer

Facility (company) in Himeji-shi
Mall, restaurant, hospital, factory, facility (company) which can become a target of shooting including building

Application method

After filling out the following matter to the Himeji Film Commission secretariat by mail, FAX, E-mail
・Name of facility (company)
・Post, full name, contact information of the person in charge
・Condition, problems of use

Application, reference

(public corporation) Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau
Himeji Film Commission charge
〒670-0012 68, Honmachi, Himeji-shi
Telephone 079-287-3653
FAX 079-222-2410
E-mail [email protected]

Publication to location library

In facility (company) where received proposal of cooperation from after checking contents,
We publish in location library.

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