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Kansai TV "new view! sho JAPAN"

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Himeji-jo Castle, 1,000 princess Tenman-gu Shrine

Monday, June 29, 2020 - 22:00-22:54 Kansai TV
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Under the theme of characteristic that is very more individual than the world of Japan, George Tokoro solves "familiar mystery to seem to know, and not to know" with commentary of various specialists happily. Intellectual variety show "sho JAPAN" to cut in meal, history, science, geography concerning Japan, original viewpoint including culture.
We had castle archeologist, Mr. Yoshihiro Senda and Kansai TV announcer Tanimoto Hoshina collect data on Himeji-jo Castle on theme called "woman circumstances ... of the Himeji-jo Castle - age of civil strife".
In program, Mana Ashida of guest appears to historian, Mr. Michifumi Isoda.
Please introduce Himeji-jo Castle and relation of women of the age of civil strife.

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