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Announcement of subsidiary of TV Tokyo "giants of Niimi" broadcast


We will tell about broadcast information for Himeji Film Commission support work.
It is program which had coverage come before, but look at right or wrong as you are broadcasted as special episode this time.

Subsidiary of TV Tokyo "giants of Niimi"
Saturday, June 6 10:00 p.m. ...

Art healed many people's minds all through the ages in any country and encouraged.
Series "now power of art" to introduce work moving heart of such people to. The fourth "super celebrity national treasure which anyone knows".
Popular character "moduroru brothers" of program revive! We visit history and three beautiful national treasures architecture of Japan which sense of beauty built up

▼Space "Ginkaku-ji Temple" of the beauty ultimate elegant castle "Himeji-jo Castle" which was particular about white Buddhists' paradise "*shimashinsha" which Kiyomori Taira dreamed of

<narrator> Arata Iura

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