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Announcement of TV Asahi "Hiroshi of sandwich man & Mana Ashida" rebroadcast


TV Asahi "Hiroshi of sandwich man & Mana Ashida" is broadcasted.

Program "Hiroshi of sandwich man & Mana Ashida" whom we make the particularly detailed small, junior high student "Hiroshi" about a certain thing and teach to performer.
We had "Himeji-jo Castle" with opportunity that he/she liked introduce while we made "castle Hiroshi" one of Hiroshi and introduced various recommended castles.
In addition, please see by all means as you can broadcast again.

Both Mana Ashida and sand are impressed very much!
Ten selections of "superb view videos of fine castle & world heritage which wants to go sometime!"

<airdate> Subsidiary of TV Asahi Saturday, May 30 6:56 p.m. ...

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