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"It is Bra Tamori #151 Himeji-jo Castle - Himeji-jo Castle NHK synthesis
It is winged ant of doing in this at location of Edo-jo Castle? -"

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Moat, Shikama district of Himeji-jo Castle, Himeji-jo Castle

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 from 23:50 to 24:35
NHK synthesis

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"Bra Tamori" who approaches to live of history and people of town which is not known while master, Tamori of town walk walks "aimlessly." This time "winged ant of doing at location of Edo-jo Castle in Himeji-jo Castle", on o theme, solve charm of Himeji-jo Castle on foot aimlessly.
It is Himeji-jo Castle coming up to movie and drama well as Edo-jo Castle, but investigates Himeji-jo Castle and moat on foot to investigate secret of innocence called common point and white heron-jo Castle of two castles, aim of construction of a castle of Himeji lord of a castle, Terumasa Ikeda.
In addition, we had you investigate relationship of Edo-jo Castle and Himeji-jo Castle whether we extended a trip a little, and there was excellent castle to around why this in Himeji away from Edo toward Shikama district.
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