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The 2020/08 Himeji feudal clan late Tokugawa period series (1) Kawais cemetery

Drainage named "river" having bo which is dirty to flow through 2020/07 factory zone

River similar to canal which runs through factory zone what kind of 2020/06 drama waits

2020/05 "Showa" to revive. "Zoo of memory" snuggling up to memory -- Himeji City zoo

It is Times lip across 2020/04 space-time. Harima Kokubunji trace of mysterious deep emotion

We appear to 2020/03 "Bra Tamori". The town of Shikama reporting old history

We thoroughly enjoy 2020/02 factory night view. The "nagisa park" featuring getting out at dusk outskirts

2020/01 Himeji-jo Castle - unexpectedness and this angle that is not known

Scenery (4) with 2019/12 station (station building)

Scenery (3) with 2019/11 station (station building)

Scenery (2) with 2019/10 station (station building)

Scenery (1) with 2019/09 station (station building)

Accommodation of soil (5) Gochaku related to Naonori Matsudaira 2019/08 movie "moving daimyo"

Ground (4) hyakujosan*sumiji where is related to Naonori Matsudaira 2019/07 movie "moving daimyo"

Ground (3) Shosha-zan Engyo-ji Temple where is related to Naonori Matsudaira 2019/06 movie "moving daimyo"

Ground (2) steep mountain Yahata Shrine related to Naonori Matsudaira 2019/05 movie "moving daimyo"

Soil (1) Harima country Soja related to Naonori Matsudaira 2019/04 movie "moving daimyo"

Mysterious taste of Shinto shrine appearing between 2019/03 building and highway

As 2019/02 location the results. Company house group where passage of time settled on

Front yard of Himeji City Museum of Art which wants to be busy in the scene and CM of 2019/01 garden party

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