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The Himeji feudal clan late Tokugawa period series (1) Kawais cemetery

(Kaneda, Himeji-shi) others

 Present, "burn sword" of the Junichi Okada lead of Himeji FC support work of the Takeru Sato lead "the Rurouni Kenshin most last chapter" waits by theater exhibition. The late Tokugawa period when royalist in support of adherence to the shogunate group and the Imperial Court in support of the Edo Shogunate competed for both works intensely is the stage, and connection is deep, and even this e-mail magazine wants to decide to introduce place where is recommended as location as "the late Tokugawa period series" for a while in Himeji by the late Tokugawa period.

 At first, you must begin with this person to talk about the late Tokugawa period of Himeji. We work on affairs of a feudal clan reform as senior retainer of feudal clan to (1835) from (1787) in 1835 in 1787 and are Michiomi Kawai (after the retirement named suno) who left big achievement in the wide fields such as politics, economy, industry, education.

 It was upbringing of human resources that doshin concentrated power and, separately from educational institution for han children "good Furudo", we cast materials and opened private school "jinjusan*" (school) on Abo mountain (the existing Ninju era mountain) of Ichikawa east bank and invited Sannyo Rai of person of Confucianism, Hakuka Sugano known as scholar of loyalism, Takamasa Okuni of poet, scholar of ancient Japanese thought and culture, person of Confucianism of Edo, Keisho Ikai and others eminent members to the professorate and children and others of the public townsman and farmer accepted and hit education among other things.

 Feudal lord often gets important post of the Shogunate, and Himeji feudal clan was adherence to the shogunate group for feudal clan, but young man of many royalists leaves jinjusan* and comes to invite severe conflict later in feudal clan.

 There is cemetery dedicated to people of the Michiomi Kawai and others Kawais in Kaneda, Himeji-shi of the southwest foot of the Ninju era mountain. From honoring monument of doshin standing along prefectural road 402 to the depths, there is small plot that was covered in grove when we follow path, and there is the Kawais cemetery when we climb gentle stepped slope. We move ashes of sofukawagoteitsune and others where doshin was in Zendoji of Sakadamachi and did with family vault place, and surround the circumference in earthen wall and really leave atmosphere called cemetery in the Edo era for cemetery levelled the land of neatly widely without artificial structure being found.

 Modernistic gravestone group looks to the scenes of visit to a grave of TV historical drama and is often crowded and may lose interest, but green is separated from the neighborhood in dark grove, and this cemetery is established, and air is exactly peace and calm these days, too. Samurai who bundled up two swords at any moment appears in hand with grave pail, and front of the grave can imagine the sum zuku scene.

 It is sunoshinsha in Himeji-jo Castle that wants to introduce one more. It is in area of Himeji Shrine dedicated to the Sakais successive Himeji feudal lord, and bust of Sunno Kawai (doshin) stands by the side. Entered at kisaimon of behind the story with art museums, and what there was on the way to sekomorikyokurin of the north side of castle was small but cozy in Himeji Shinto shrine, but both main shrine and shrine office took stone wall and inner moat of castle in approach to a shrine of stone pavement with attractive appearance; can photograph. It is rare that general tourist comes and is that time when it is quiet and relaxed like Shinto shrine in castle drifts.

"Himeji to take a trip to for heart" Presented by Himeji FC

Website that sent charm of Himeji started.

 We established website of "Himeji to take a trip to for heart" that we told about last time. Video and photograph introduce charm of Himeji in glance of Film Commission.

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What is <"Himeji to take a trip to for heart?">

 It is new business that Himeji Film Commission disseminates information of to be able to rediscover new approach and charm of Himeji now that new lifestyle started.

 Physical distance feels under the theme of "imagination produces me who am new" = "going on a trip for heart" distantly; have see approach of new Himeji and scenery of seasonal beautiful Himeji, and just want Himeji to feel close. We began with such thought.

 We report while having you cooperate with all of you in the city and will send seasonal information of Himeji in YouTube in future.

 He/she has you look at living in Himeji in the suburbs of person who has not been able to come yet, wanting to know Himeji more, Himeji-shi, Himeji by all means and enjoys Himeji for mind and would appreciate your feeling having gone on a trip.

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