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Event Information
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We weave Fukumi Shimura exhibition life

  • Around Himeji Station, Himeji Castle
  • The holding date and time: From July 04, 2020 to August 30, 2020
  • Holding place: Himeji City Museum of Art
The dyeing and weavings, Fukumi Shimura who said, we have color of life of plant, and said, "we spun thread of life of silkworm and weave", and reclaimed the previously untrodden rich art world in silk pongee (spin, and go down). We were born in Omihachiman-shi, Shiga in 1924, and, under the influence of mother, Yutaka Ono, Shimura who began textile received winning afterwards many prizes by the first exhibition for the fourth Japan folkcraft exhibition (1957), and it was authorized in silk pongee in 1990 by country-designated holder of an important intangible cultural property (living national treasure). 
 Thread dyed with dye which we gathered by the trees and plants of hills and fields and work finished weaving for Shimura's original sensitivity attract many people, and they are appreciated globally. As "artist who continued thinking for sense of values root-like through creation of pongee which was crystal of wisdom of the people for human being called symbiosis with nature", we won the 30th Kyoto Prize (thought, art section) in 2014 and got a decoration with the Order of Culture again in 2015. We divide main silk pongee kimono one hundred into three chapters of "Saga 1" "Saga 2" including *cho or dyed thread mainly on collection which Museum of Modern Art, Shiga possesses at this exhibition in "Omihachiman" and introduce. With step of creation for about 60 years of Fukumi Shimura, it approaches the core of the art.

Event information

The date

From July 04, 2020 to August 30, 2020

Opening time
10:00-17:00 entrance until 16:30 ※We are opened until 20:00 on Friday, Saturday during exhibition period and Sunday, August 9 (as for the entrance until 19:30)
Holding place
Himeji City Museum of Art
Closed days
On Monday (in the case of holiday, we are opened on Monday and are closed the next day)
Groups rate more than 20 in general 1,000 yen (800 yen) university, high school student 600 yen (400 yen) as for primary schoolchild 200 yen (100 yen) ().
※Person who was able to visit with kimono discounts to plan exhibition viewing charges half price
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Himeji City Museum of Art

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