Event information

Event Information
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"City flower sagi grass exhibition"

  • Tegarayama Area
  • The holding date and time: From August 08, 2020 to August 20, 2020
  • Holding place: Tegara mountain greenhouse botanical garden (93, Tegara, Himeji-shi)
We display about 100 kinds in city flower, rein orchis of Himeji. We introduce increase method by technique and aseptic culture to let you always flower, and there is scene display reflecting the image of own dough, too. Insectivore exhibition, simultaneous holding.
We change by the situation and may cancel event.
We draw lots in admission order for three days of Thursday on Wednesday, 13th on Tuesday, August 11, 12th and present seedling of rein orchis to 100 people in every day!
We start "display briefing session" at 11:00 a.m. of Sunday on Sunday, August 9, 10th (Monday, holiday), 16th. In display venue, we explain art of characteristic and how to raise plants. No appointment necessary, question are welcome, too!
About "city flower sagi grass observation meeting" for primary and secondary student, apply after checking in list shown below separately by the deadline.
In rest house "house of flower" other than seedling sale of rein orchis as for the goods sale of bookmark of rein orchis and clear file.
It is Friday (August 14) for closed days during period.
The cosponsorship: Nature and bonsai club

Event information

The date

From August 08, 2020 to August 20, 2020

Holding time
From 9:00 a.m. to half past 4 p.m. (5:00 p.m. close)
Holding place
Tegara mountain greenhouse botanical garden (93, Tegara, Himeji-shi)
Closed days
Friday (in the case of celebration holiday the day before), year-end and New Year 12/29-1/1
Admission charges 210 yen for adults, 6 years old ... junior high student 100 yen. There is group discount more than 30 people. In addition, by the presentation of stub and JAF member's card of Himeji City aquarium on that day, it is group rate. In addition, "welfare for the elderly courtesy card", admission is free by the presentation of "disability certificate" "acorn card" "co-colon card".
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Mt. Tegara, Himeji-shi greenhouse botanical garden

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