Event information

Event Information
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It is Japanese sword science cafe harima "scientific (1) of iron"

  • Around Himeji Station, Himeji Castle
  • The holding date and time: October 31, 2020
  • Holding place: Meeting room (〒 670-0015 112, Soshahonmachi, Himeji-shi) out of Himeji-shi civic center



①10:30-12:00 "fair to think about happily" "science and Japanese sword" (opening 10:00)  
10:30-11:00 "detailed observation of Japanese sword" (Munehiro Myochin)
11:00-11:30 "thing that expect in science artisan" (Munehiro Myochin)
11:30-12:00 "science of Japanese sword and ball steel" (science cafe harima)
・We perform commentary "detailed observation" on of Munehiro Myochin to understand Japanese sword deeply at scientific point of view.
・We ask about "the skill of original making a sword" only by Munehiro Myochin. It is nice story ・ at the time of making a sword at the same time
 Please talk about hard luck story, thing having trouble with frankly. We hear about artisan expecting in science.
・From the viewpoint of science, we comment on Japanese sword and ball steel. Using "science" of universal language, we think happily.



②13:00-15:15 "fair to know in detail" "sword of ball steel" (opening 12:30, closing 15:30)
13:00-13:20 ": wonder of iron space and iron and human being" (science cafe harima)
The 13:20-14:00 "heart and skill of Japanese sword" (Munehiro Myochin)
Visit running out of 14:15-15:15 signature, Japanese sword appreciation, iron sand tatara/ball steel (in *3 group, order)
・Of iron born at fixed star of space and story to tie ground materials science and basic science of Japanese sword have to talk.
・From Munehiro Myochin "<Japanese sword that heart and gi of Japanese sword believe iron and forge iron, and to wait for change of iron, and to put together
   There is story of gi> of artisan who caught after profundity, joy and trouble of this.
*We observe running out of signature of "eight characters of increasing prosperity" by Munehiro Myochin. Work running out of signature presents with the compliments by lottery of the day.
*We perform 360-degree full-scale appreciation of Japanese sword (with transparent case) by commentary of Mrs. Myochin.
*There are explanation of iron sand tatara iron manufacture and ball steel and observation of iron dregs. Please realize genuine power of ball steel.
※There is surprise of special artisan. We send divine felicity of the next year.



You can confirm the details in flyer (PDF) attaching in the lower this page, science cafe harima HP.

Event information

The date

October 31, 2020

Holding time
① 10:30-12:00 "fair to think about happily" "science and Japanese sword" ② 13:00-15:15 "fair to know in detail" "sword of ball steel"
Holding place
Meeting room (〒 670-0015 112, Soshahonmachi, Himeji-shi) out of Himeji-shi civic center
■Entrance fee: On the for each 995 yen (you include observation appreciation, material, the actual expenses of administration, etc.) day, please pay together in venue.
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Flyer (PDF)
■Capacity :Morning ~30 name, in the afternoon ~90 name together first-come-first-served basis (advance reservations required, 10/30 deadline)


Science cafe harima
◆Email: [email protected] ※It is email as much as possible!
◆Telephone: 080-2517-7245 [please leave number and the name for correspondence) for answering machine (24 hours. We turn down at night.]
Tell about full name (as for the minor as for the school year) and contact information of all the members at the time of application. Junior high student or younger, please be accompanied by protector.
※We use information to have only for administration of this event. Please set to be able to receive the receipt from Gmail.

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