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Event Information
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2020 Semba Gobo free-market policy 

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  • The holding date and time: March 01, 2020 May 03, 2020 July 05, 2020 September 06, 2020
  • Holding place: Senba Hontokuji temple

We hold 2020 Semba Gobo free-market policy on first Sunday of month.


 Is delicious with handmade vegetables, sweets, prick accessory which light, mind of refreshing morning Ohisama to pour without receiving history from Harima topographical record, and turning into the main hall of a Buddhist temple of tsugichokokojidai stayed, is fun, but have a lot of, and come to Semba Gobo free-market policy that smile is born by all means.

 ■From guidance, Himeji Station of public transport a 15-minute walk

                 ・In the case of use of SHINKI BUS, it is a 5-minute walk each from "Hanakagecho" "3, Motomachi" "Shirasagi Bridge"

Event information

The date

September 06, 2020

Holding time
Holding place
Senba Hontokuji temple


Meeting of the town planning Semba west area of a castle that can meet history

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