Event information

Event Information
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We walk personality and Iejima (200 offer staff)

  • Iejima
  • The holding date and time: October 28, 2018
We meet Tarzan Yamashita of KissFM personality, and walk event over cityscape of participant and Iejima Honjima is held on Sunday, October 28.
At this opportunity, please thoroughly enjoy nature, culture, the history only in island.


We walk together while meeting Tarzan Yamashita of KissFM personality, and enjoying cityscape of participant and Iejima Honjima with talk or interview.

We aim at goal and walk while starting from Maura Port, and going round famous places of Shimauchi. We eat lunch using fishery products produced after the walking in Iejima and have you enjoy game event or live event by Koseki Mio.



  • We accept from 9:50 to 10:25 (around Maura Port)
    [outward trip] At Himeji Port - Maura Port 9:10 (it be said high speed island) or 10:00 (high fortune liner) 
  • 10:30 greetings, communication
  • From about 10:45 about 14:30 walking
    (from 12:30 to 13:15 lunch)
    (from 13:15 to 13:30 game event)
    (from 13:45 about 14:45 Koseki Mio live event) 
  • [way home] From port of shrine to Himeji Port 15:35 (high fortune liner); or 16:30 (it be said high speed island)


[walking course]

Cityscape (wells) ⇒ shrine Port of beach ⇒ Iejima Shinto shrine ⇒ Shimizukoen (after lunch, game) ⇒ shrine of cityscape ⇒ Miyaura Shrine ⇒ Shimizu of cityscape ⇒ Akasaka Park (break) ⇒ shrine of around Maura Port ⇒ dongamessan ⇒ Maura Shrine ⇒ Maura (dissolution) 

After game, there is live event by Koseki Mio.


[application method]

You fill in address, full name, age, sex, telephone, fax number of all the participants, and apply by fax, double postal card or email.

Entrance fee becomes prior receipt of money system.

After the application reception desk, it is replied document which specified transfer. 


As you attach flyer of event in PDF in the lower this page, please confirm the details there.

Event information

The date

October 28, 2018

Holding time
From 10:45 to about 14:30. Rainy weather decisive action. But it is called off when ship is canceled by strong winds.
The meeting time
We accept from 9:50 to 10:25 (around Maura Port)
Adult 2,500 yen, dwarf (less than primary schoolchild) 2,000 yen (lunch, drink is crowded)
◾Ship charges to Himeji Port - Iejima Honjima are necessary separately (from Himeji Port to Maura Port: one way adult 1,000 yen, 500 yen for children).
Flyer (PDF)


Iejima tourist industry association (the contact plaza)
We accept from Wednesday, October 10, 2018 and start

It is finished as soon as it becomes capacity

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