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Event Information
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Bright moon on a frosty night big festival <Harima country Soja>

  • Around Himeji Station, Himeji Castle
  • The holding date and time: Every year: From November 13 to November 16
  • Holding place: Harima-no-kuni Sosha: Itatehyozu Shrine

Big festival of Harima country Soja.
Put gods of big things and small things 174, Myojin-za of Harima country 16 county together in *ma**sha on (1181) November 15 in 1181 of the Emperor Antoku about 820 years ago and worship and is held to celebrate Harima country Soja and day when it was.

Big festival begins in "the matter of the tide oyster" at Himeji-shi, Shirahama Beach of November 13, and "nine place holding a ceremony for the dead, God good luck festival" is performed "parishioner big festival" "tatariuyamaishadaisai" on 16th on 15th on 14th. In addition, dedication entertainments such as dance or dance are carried out, too.


We place information of festival becoming annual in this page.
Please contact to facility or Himeji sightseeing nabi port (TEL 079-287-0003) for the latest information directly.

Event information

The date

Every year: From November 13 to November 16

Opening time
Holding place
Harima-no-kuni Sosha: Itatehyozu Shrine
Train: It is about 15 minutes on foot from JR, Sanyo Railway Corporation "Himeji Station"
Car : It is about ten minutes by car to the Himeji Bypass "ground lamp" north

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