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Event Information
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The god of swordsmanship festival (the ceremony of driving out the devils) <gyo*hachibanshinsha>

  • Seaside
  • The holding date and time: March 31, 2018
  • Holding place: gyo*hachibanshinsha

In gyo*hachibanshinsha which is famous for "lantern Festival of shrine of Tsu", event of oinanshinji, the ceremony of driving out the devils of Setsubun is performed at the end of March.
It was performed as well as traditional event of the Kyoto Imperial Court every year on January 14, but it was March 7 according to legend in around 1897 and was set originally at current time from around 1985.
Five colors of ogres appear when Sada Fujiwara country which was provincial governor of Harima country prays gyo*hachibanshinsha for victory for invasion from foreign country on (764) March 7 in 764, and this god of swordsmanship festival comes from historical fact which let enemy ship sink.
Ogre side is left after ogre left, and it is said that we assumed this dedicated treasure of gyo*hachibanshinsha.
At first, dance of ogre is dedicated by festival and mochi scattering is performed with rice cake which village of turn had offering of afterwards and invites the end.
It is stipulated that we dedicate Kibu event with "Shake".
It is Kibu where Yamada batman who advanced westward for affairs of a company from Kyoto in the Heian era, Kawada batman were consistent, but there is still Nanatsue even now as Shake in Miyauchi and succeeds this tradition.
Elder of Shake has *jo of celebration Imperial mandate, edict or decree, and two children (child of Shake) dressed in formal headwear for court nobles dance dance of Oga to silk without starching, short hakama successively.
Afterwards, it finally becomes Kibu, and five ogres appear in main hall.
Pro-ogre is two people of red ogre having abstinent period and torch and blue ogre having halberd. Besides, red ogre of the second coming child, blue ogre who is tinged with gnome, sword and pike called good world to waist having sword and torch, and had Japanese halberd in the hand are appearances.
We dedicate powerful dance while giving shout each other. The small pulls 42 rice cakes in total in total with estrade buttocks among onikyomochidaiichito three, and 1 village becoming turn of this age early in the morning in 22 villages of day of festival presents.
After Kibu of around 16:00, it is wound up by worshipers.
In addition, this festival is known for another name of "the shrine ceremony of driving out the devils of Tsu", and will be appointed in intangible folk cultural properties of Himeji-shi as event of the representative ceremony of driving out the devils performed in Shinto shrine in the city in March, 2006 (Heisei 18).
It was evaluated that being valuable folk event to consist of "event of the ceremony of driving out the devils" to perform de-evil by "offering event" in charge of as turn that parishioner district played every 24th year and Kibu, the succession base said well.
In addition, as masterpiece of the ceremony of driving out the devils to remain in temple, "Shosha mountain Engyoji Temple ogre chasing Buddhist memorial service" is appointed in intangible folk cultural properties elsewhere in Himeji-shi in August, 2002.


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Event information

The date

March 31, 2018

Opening time
Holding place
It is a 20-minute walk from JR Kobe Line "Aboshi Station"

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