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Event Information
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Ombashira Festival <*hoshinsha>

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  • The holding date and time: Every year: November 15
  • Holding place: Hiromine Shrine

On November 15, it is thought that it is great lucky day in the Yin Yang method most among one year.
As for Ombashira Festival, it is done saiko on this day, and is one of the three major festivals of hiromehoshinsha along with rice-planting festival festival, kikokusai.
Ombashira Festival is conveyed as "festival to pray for the cheerful development to celebrate coming of spring next fortune, and to pray for fortune and happiness".
On the early morning of the day, we build pillar of 5m in height in front of main shrine and wind split firewood of the twelve signs of the zodiac to express direction around the top and it is circular and puts up three white fans which did with cloth of Gohei and red fir tree and prays for advent of Ogami.
And, after "main hall festival" of the evening, we set the root of this pillar on fire and are done saiko "pillar burning talismans fortune-telling Shinto ritual" to defeat pillar.
Direction where pillar fell down by this Shinto ritual is done with direction of the next year prohibition after Setsubun.
By the way, with "coming of spring next fortune", old people pray for resurrection of sunlight that is indispensable to agricultural life at this time when solar light gradually declines, and it is thought that we prayed for good harvest of Luo accident.



We place information of festival becoming annual in this page.
Please contact Himeji sightseeing nabi port (TEL 079-287-0003) for the latest information.

Event information

The date

Every year: November 15

Opening time
Holding place
Hiromine Shrine
It is about 15 minutes by taxi from JR, Sanyo Railway Corporation Himeji Station

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