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Event Information
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Autumn annual festival <Tsuda Temma Shrine>

  • Seaside
  • The holding date and time: From October 12, 2019 to October 13, 2019
  • Holding place: Tsuda Temma Shrine

For autumn festival of Tsuda Temma Shrine, four large stands and Imazaike, child stand of posture and lion and estrade buttocks of Imazaike are begun to work out by Imazaike, Kamo, posture, hesitation at the bridge.
In Hongu, mikoshi controls appearance at 9:00 a.m. and goes to resting place for a portable shrine (place of Prince sedge break), and each Machiya stand gathers at around 10:00, too, and temporary palace festival (anguusai) is held.
When it is around noon, with Imazaike in the lead, miyairi of stand begins in order of Kamo, posture, hesitation at the bridge.
Stand which entered shrine aligns kneading on fire in the precincts and goes around the back of front shrine.
Stand which finished kneading on fire alignment takes off knob of a bridge post and metal part at the top of a pagoda and enters front shrine.
"Front shrine kneading on fire" to be said to be one of the characteristics of Tsuda Temma Shrine autumn festival here is performed.
"Front shrine kneading on fire" to knead stand in Shinto shrine front shrine is known for a few things in Banshu.
Furthermore, give stand which put in the ground by arm at a stretch; "stretch shines", and put toiu, and the skill of how to put up is shown, and sprig of a sacred tree is dedicated.
Stand gloss performed in small front shrine is one of the highlight of Tsuda Temma Shrine autumn festival.
When stand is fixed in the precincts, lion dance performer of Imazaike is dedicated.
Lion dance cut off with interruption of festival is revived by lion dance preservation society formed in 1979, and all seven dances of "heimai" (we will not pass) "Yashima" "seven" "every direction" "ground dance" "to get bait ten" "patch lion" are performed now.
When lion dance is over, and estrade buttocks leave the precincts, miyadashi of each Machiya stand begins.
Stand which left shrine to each town leave for home.



We place annual autumn festival information in this page.
Please contact Himeji sightseeing nabi port (TEL 079-287-0003) for the latest information.

Event information

The date

From October 12, 2019 to October 13, 2019

Opening time
Holding place
Tsuda Temma Shrine
From JR, Sanyo Railway Corporation Himeji Station is a 1-minute walk to terminal getting off, the west in SHINKI BUS hesitation at the bridge going

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