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Event Information
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Autumn festival <Emi Bacchus company (Bo group)>

  • Iejima
  • The holding date and time: Every year: From November 03 to November 04
  • Holding place: Emi Bacchus company (Bo group)

Autumn festival is carried out every year on November 3 and 4, and, with wish of rich bearing fruit and seagoing security of island, stand and child mikoshi are begun to work out.




We place annual autumn festival information in this page.
Please contact Himeji sightseeing nabi port (TEL 079-287-0003) for the latest information.

Event information

The date

Every year: From November 03 to November 04

Opening time
Holding place
Emi Bacchus company (Bo group)
From Himeji Port: By Bo group steamship 30 minutes "port of Bo group"

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