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Small potato Festival <Arakawa Shrine>

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  • The holding date and time: From October 19, 2019 to October 20, 2019
  • Holding place: Arakawa Shrine

Autumn festival of Arakawa Shrine is called another name "small potato Festival".
This comes from scene to be seen as if "we wash small potato in earthenware mortar" with stand to knead at riding ground seeing from front shrine.
As for Arakawa Shrine autumn festival, there is highlight at various places, at miyairi, riding ground knead a mixture, and is known as the stairs up, front shrine kneading on fire, mountain climbing, mountain rainfall, festival that there is much highlight that can see various stand kneading on fire when knead a mixture at riding ground again.
In Hongu, miyairi of child barrel mikoshi begins at past 8:00 a.m., and miyairi of stand begins at 9:00.
Miyairi continues with ground, Tamate, Okada, Inokuchi, Nishisho in Chonotsubo.
We align kneading on fire in sequence, and stand which entered shrine to riding ground is fixed at predetermined position.
When it is 11:00, "the stairs up" begins.
Stand of each district climbs stairs following front shrine in order of miyairi and we take off knob of a bridge post and metal part at the top of a pagoda just before front shrine and enter front shrine.
"Front shrine kneading on fire" is carried out in front of God. Stand which left front shrine further climbs rapid slope towards resting place for a portable shrine at the mountaintop.
Mikoshi which left Shinto shrine when it is 12:00 arrives at resting place for a portable shrine, and resting place for a portable shrine Shinto ritual is held.
Stand of each district goes down slope called "Iroha-zaka" where is different from the up in the afternoon towards riding ground.
This way is said with difficult place of autumn festival maximum of Arakawa at sudden incline than the up.
And we invite climax of the end of autumn festival to knead a mixture of stand which takes the afternoon sun, and shines.
From 2001, kneading on fire alignment of all stands came to be carried out in this climax. When kneading on fire alignment is over, banzai three cheers are carried out, and miyadashi of stand is carried out.



We place annual autumn festival information in this page.
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Event information

The date

From October 19, 2019 to October 20, 2019

Opening time
Holding place
Arakawa Shrine
From JR, Sanyo Railway Corporation Himeji Station is a 3-minute walk to the SHINKI BUS "mouth of well" getting off west

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