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Event Information
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Autumn festival "dance of hair lion" <Oshio Tenman-gu Shrine>

  • Seaside
  • The holding date and time: Every year: From October 14 to October 15
  • Holding place: Oshio Tenman-gu Shrine

Place where Harima dedicates lion dance performer to lion dokorotoiware, autumn festival from the old days is frequent, and is appointed and is in important intangible folk cultural properties of Hyogo, and lion dance of autumn festival of Oshio Tenman-gu Shrine is known widely above all outside the prefecture.

It features hair lion covered with black hair, and, as for eight lions participating from 8 parishioner 8 districts, this expressed all field lion unlike normal noh dance lion from head to tail point, and the head is 5 kilos in weight of 15 kilos.
We begin in the Kamakura era, and it is said that form was regulated well in the Muromachi era and dishevels black hair, and strength to dance as if we live at all is the best part.

"Journey dance" to get on on the shoulder horse which made in front of God in several people in front of torii of Oshio Tenman-gu Shrine, and to dance says dedication dance on the stage before God with "the ground dance".
While we are jeered for flute, drum, shout, he/she shows unusual dynamic dance for each town.

Not only lion dance but also violent gloss with six stands is thing only by autumn festival of Harima.
We tighten to happi coat, and parades following a portable shrine of each district that closed chimaki will show one of different colors powerful kneading on fire with shout of "yoiyasa".



We place annual autumn festival information in this page.
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Event information

The date

Every year: From October 14 to October 15

Opening time
Holding place
Oshio Tenman-gu Shrine
It is immediate to the south than Sanyo Railway Corporation "Oshio Station"

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