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Event Information
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Autumn festival <U.K. Shinto shrine to congratulate>

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  • The holding date and time: Every year: From October 17 to October 18
  • Holding place: U.K. Shinto shrine to congratulate

We enter front shrine and work out in front shrine and shine after 18 stands entered shrine.
Illumination which we displayed to stand is turned on then in front shrine, and stand rises vividly beautifully.
In addition, ladder lion of high town performed in festival is famous and it begins from place going to get bamboo and crosses two ladders which we made with the bamboo in Yamagata and figure which lion dances on the ladder is brave and is worth seeing every year.

For more details, high town official site, please refer to "dance of lion".



We place annual autumn festival information in this page.
Please contact Himeji sightseeing nabi port (TEL 079-287-0003) for the latest information.

Event information

The date

Every year: From October 17 to October 18

Opening time
Holding place
U.K. Shinto shrine to congratulate
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It is a 15-minute walk from 10-minute walk, JR "Agaho Station" to southwest from Sanyo Railway Corporation "Yumesakigawa Station" to Tohoku

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