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About Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau
Financing information
Name Nonprofit foundation Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau
The location 〒670-0012 68, Honmachi, Himeji-shi, Hyogo
Director Toshio Onoue (Himeji Chamber of Commerce and Industry's advisor)
March 24, 1947
Himeji tourist association starts as any group
March 31, 1973
We establish as Himeji tourist association and start
September 5, 2001
Himeji Film Commission starts as any group
April 1, 2004
Himeji convention bureau starts as any group
April 1, 2006
Himeji tourist association, Himeji convention bureau, Himeji Film Commission organize and unify and start as Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau
April 1, 2013
We switch over from corporate judicial person to nonprofit foundation and assume name nonprofit foundation Himeji Convention & Visitors Bureau
Purpose Of promotion of tourist industry in Himeji-shi and invitation of convention, held support and location taking picture of movie, TV inside and outside the city
We work on invitation positively and have and plan activation of regional economy, improvement of people's culture and contribute to construction of International Tourist city, Himeji
It is aimed for thing.
  • Sightseeing and investigation into convention and study and plan
  • Sightseeing and collection and offer of convention information
  • Instruction, upbringing of invitation of tourist and sightseeing advertising and tourist industry
  • Acceptance of tourist and maintenance, administration of sightseeing related facility
  • Invitation of convention, held support
  • Invitation, support of location taking picture of movie, TV
  • Business by trust from Himeji-shi and management administration of facility
  • Business necessary to achieve this other bureau purposes
The number of the officers One director, vice-director two, executive managing director one, managing director director one, director 21, inspector two, 28 people in total
About the applicable nature to exception civil law corporation with relations that are particularly close to country (public announcement) We announce about matter of title with conduct of (prefecture agreement concerned with prior report about exception civil law corporation on December 25, 2008 concerned-saving) about "instruction guideline for exception civil law corporation about 24 Paragraph 1 of Government Officials Act (1947 law No. 120) Article 106 after revision by law (2007 law No. 108) to revise a part of the Government Officials Acts".

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