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About Himenomichi Website

We would appreciate your reading the following contents to use our website comfortably. In addition, please note that you may change contents without notice.

Characteristic, basic policy

Web browser

When you look at our website, we will recommend environment in Microsoft Internet Explorer6.X or more. It is not available or we may not be displayed depending on setting of Web browser of customer definitely under the use except recommended environment and the recommended environment either.


We offer contents using animation to have you enjoy more comfortably on our website. As you display plug in necessary to have you enjoy contents as follows, please obtain that you do not have by all means taking the opportunity of this.


Recommended screen size

More than 1280 X 800pixel(WXGA)

Request in the use

About JavaScript

On our website, there is page using JavaScript. When JavaScript function is invalidated by browser of errand, it does not function definitely or we may not be displayed definitely. When you look at, please validate JavaScript by browser setting.

About style sheet

We use style sheet on our website. When style sheet is invalidated by browser of errand, we may not be displayed definitely. When you look at, please validate style sheet by browser setting.

About copyright and disclaimers

Our bureau or original work author or other rightful claimants (called "rightful claimant" as follows) have copyright or other rights about (called "data of site" as follows) such as individual sentences, figures, designs published on our website and our website, trademark, logo mark. They reproduce data of site without consent of rightful claimant unless they perform the use accepted by other Copyright Act when they perform printing or preservation for the purpose of personal use, and as it is Copyright Act violation, transmission, distribution, modification, act removing surgically contact our bureau beforehand, and they ask you to get consent. In addition, depending on contents, please note that I may decline the use.

Our bureau drops for data of site with extreme caution, but does not guarantee about the contents. Even if some kind of damage occurred by the use such as data of our website by any chance, our bureau cannot take any responsibility.

As our bureau does not manage linked site (called "other sites" as follows) about link performed from our website in our bureau, we do not guarantee the contents. Even if some kind of damage occurred by contents of other sites and the use of other sites by any chance, our bureau cannot take any responsibility.

We change without notice and we make modifications or may cancel contents, constitution such as data of site. Thank you for your understanding.

Our bureau measures the use situation and the access situation by cookies to use our website more usefully, and please note that you record.

Associated technique

About cookies (Cookie)

There is page using technique called "cookies" (Cookie) in our website. Our bureau measures the access situation and may use cookies to record, and to analyze. In this case our bureau may not use for the purpose of other than measurement and record, analysis mentioned above. "Cookies" are techniques that are used widely because Web server distinguishes computer of customer and record IP address or the access date and time of accessed customer. We can invalidate "cookies" by changing setting of browser, but, in that case, a part of function of our website or the service may not be available.

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