Himeji-jo Castle convention guide
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There are various tourist attractions in each area in Himeji-shi from popular thing to little-known spot.
We publish various contents to business hours and access, barrier-free information in detailed information.
You find favorite spot, and please go to visit.

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In each area in Himeji-shi, various events are held depending on season.
Please participate with your friends.

List of event information is this

 /Himeji-shi promotion video

 /tour guide

We offered favorite registration function and tourist brochure which were convenient for sightseeing and town walk of Himeji.
You can see each brochure with PDF file. When you print out, please appoint A4 size.


"himenomichi" formula Instagram account started.
Of each "himenomichi" tourist attraction take a picture, and attach hashtag "#Himenomichi", and please post.
We look forward to many amateur pixes from all of you!


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